Just like the sound of the music, the speaker is the voice of your message. So take advantage of the know-how and the wealth of experience from Sprecherdatei livelive. Two companies will work for you hand in hand: the recording studio and the voice-over agency. They can be booked separately but they have pooled their competencies. However, as an established and successful voice-over agency, it is always our goal to support the customer quickly, reliably and efficiently when choosing a speaker. Give us a call or write us an email. Describe your project to us and be amazed at our work within just a short period of time.


Upon request, we cut and edit the raw recording right through to the finished product. We produce commercial advertisements, audio books, audio guides, image films and much more. We set recordings to images, make audio CD mastering, audio book recordings, radio live-broadcasts, external broadcasts and ISDN circuits via MusicTaxi or APT (APTX). The recording under your or our management takes place in our recording studios or partner studios. We have more than 2,000 professional speakers in more than 50 languages. If you are looking for a native speaker, we offer you a full service, translation, consulting and production. Your voice recording is in the best hands with us.

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